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A great company is only as good as its people

We’re nothing without the skill, expertise and drive of the people who choose to work for us. We’re extremely proud of our worldwide team. Together they drive change, business growth and ensure we use our resources responsibly. Ellips Group is about inclusion, embracing our differences, our strengths and collaborating to help each of us achieve our fullest potential. Let’s find the best position for you.


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“What really appeals to me is the continuous innovation and new features we create for our customers. What we develop at Ellips is applied immediately and instantly improves the customer’s entire process.”

Martin | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

“It is rewarding to create solutions that have immediate global applicability. Fully working and making a difference for various customer conditions.”

Lian | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

”It is really exciting to integrate a multi-disciplinary system with multiple hardware and software elements. Constant testing and searching for the best solution for specific situations makes it challenging and fascinating.”

Levi | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

What brings the brightest minds to Ellips Group?

There are many positive reasons for pursuing your career at Ellips Group. But three core areas of progression include:

Personal growth in your area of expertise.

You will be part of the team that develops the world’s most advanced optical grading technology, artificial intelligence and machinery for fruit and vegetables. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries and so will you – growing every day with fresh challenges. Everything you do will help the packers and growers around the world to maximize their yields and reduce food waste.

Strong teams, building advanced technology and machinery.

From day one, you’ll be working in an open, informal and innovative environment where fresh ideas and perspectives are always welcome. In fact, we foster a collaborative work environment that encourages knowledge sharing, teamwork, and continuous learning. And now you can play your part in creating world-class grading solutions that have an immediate impact for our customers worldwide.

Impactful work that’s reducing food waste.

A key part of working at Ellips Group is the freedom employees have to make a meaningful impact on the industry. Driving operational efficiency, productivity, and quality in various sectors – they all make a real difference in our clients’ businesses. We’re proud to work with the world’s largest growers and packers, together we create technology that extracts the greatest value from every harvest and minimizes food waste.

Ellips. Elisam. Elifab. One big grading family

Decades of fruitful cooperation

Make a real difference to people’s businesses

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Our growth culture

Product Leadership

Pushing boundaries of innovation

We’re always looking for new improvements and even better, original ways advance our technology. Our team are thought-leaders by nature and as a result, we lead the industry – continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Better tomorrow

More food value, less food waste

Our core mission is to ensure that every piece of fruit or vegetable ends up in its rightful destination, extracting the most value from every harvest – with nothing to waste. We do this through ground-breaking sorting machines and sophisticated algorithms that guarantee the most food value.

Customer first

Happy customers, we call them happy partners

We really value the close relationships we’ve made with customers. Every single day, we invest in them, leading to partnerships that last for decades. By working and learning from each other, we continually push boundaries and become stronger as a result.

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