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Seeing the unseen since 1989

Ellips was founded over three decades ago by a team of advanced software engineers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their passion led to the development of the fastest and most accurate optical grading technology in the world. And to this day, our technology continues to lead the industry ensuring our customers can see the unseen. To make sure they can maximize every harvest.


Ellips. Elisam. Elifab. One big grading family.

By combining our optical grading technology with the cutting-edge machinery from our sister companies, Elisam and Elifab, growers everywhere benefit from the most reliable, and accurate grading technology. Working with growers, we’ve also built a huge database of produce defects over years of harvests, that every customer can access. This collective intelligence continues to grow and take grading to the next level.

Reduce food waste

More food value, less food waste

We’re proud to work with the world’s largest growers and packers. Together we use technology that extracts the greatest value from every harvest and minimizes food waste. After all, the global population is continuing to grow and extreme weather is impacting harvests everywhere. It’s why we’ll continue to invest in new advancements to ensure the future availability of food worldwide.

“What we like about the Ellips technology is that the operator is in full control. We think that’s a big advantage. Too many other manufacturers are trying to basically control the machine and let the operator make minimal adjustments."

Howard Hansen | Hansen Orchards | Australia

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“After 5 years of tremendous studies, we chose Ellips based on their unique internal and external quality technology.”

Joe Schwilke | Starr Ranch Growers | USA

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“With this advanced technology in place, we can effectively meet the demands of retailers, handle larger volumes, and eliminate concerns about labor availability.”

Volker Peters | Groka | Germany

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“Ellips has always been striving to be at the forefront of technology and we want our business to be partnered with people who strive to do the same.”

Matthew Griggs | Lucaston Park Orchards | Australia

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“Thanks to our optical sorting machine, not a single potato with an internal defect leaves our premises.”

Reinhard Krebbers | Wilhelm Weyers | Germany

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"Outstanding grading results, yields increased considerably and unmatched flexibility."

Nicolas Díaz Barros | Agrícola Trucao | Chili

“The key points for choosing the Elifab Cherry Class was the simplicity of machine handling and the fact that is backed up with the Ellips Grading Technology”

Lee Port | Mansfields | United Kingdom


Advanced grading technology built by a dedicated team


Growing stronger together

As a family-owned business, we really value the close relationships we’ve made with customers. This leads to partnerships that last for decades. Using the collective knowledge gathered through these partnerships, we’re able to constantly take grading to the next level.


Whatever your challenge, we’ll sort it out

We’re here for you, in every way you need us to be. Our customer service team will train you and your team to maximise the capabilities of your machine and its software. Technical support are only one phone call away. Plus a local team is always nearby for repairs and operational services across mechanical, electrical or software.

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