Our approach

A clear roadmap to get the most from your investment.

Six steps to reach your harvest’s full potential

Your business is unique. It’s why every partnership we have with customers is different. With complex individual needs, business pressures, harvest characteristics and more. Our aim is to work closely with you to focus on what will work for your specific packhouse and maximize your return on investment. We do this using a six-step roadmap:

1. Map your growth ambitions

We’ll work closely with you to understand your growth ambitions and challenges. Our specialists will carefully map out a customized plan that addresses your specific needs, taking into account your unique requirements and goals.

2. Review companies with similar challenges

Next, we’ll review relevant examples of companies that have faced similar challenges and share their success stories. Together, we can visit one of our customers to see how our grading technology can benefit your business and improve your operations.

3. A live demo with your produce

Using your own fruit or vegetables, you’ll get a face-to-face demonstration of our grading technology and machinery. This will give you first-hand insight into how it will benefit your business.

4. Make an ROI calculation

Getting a return on your investment is crucial. We work with you to make a make a calculation that takes into account the value of your investment. A vital step in the decision making. This will give you a clear picture of the financial benefits of our grading technology on your business growth ambitions.

5. Design your ideal machine

We understand that every business has different challenges due to various seasons, growing conditions, and market demands. We are here to listen and learn from your ideas. Working in close collaboration with your team, we’ll design a highly customized machine that fits your needs. Everything we’ve learnt so far is incorporated to ensure maximum throughput, efficiency and quality consistency.

6. Quick installation with expert training

From an installation perspective, our specialists will ensure everything is fitted efficiently, accurately, on-time and on-budget. It will perfectly match your plan to ensure you maximize your return on investment. We’ll also ensure your team are up-to-speed and ready to get the most from your new investment from day one. We do this through expert training programs for your team so they have all the knowledge they need.

Expert support that works as hard as you.