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Decades of fruitful cooperation

Founded with Ellips in Spain in 2016, Elifab was created to meet the increasing world demand on grading machines that could handle small soft fruits. What started locally, has now grown to operate in more than 25 countries, installing grading machines into packhouses of every shape and size. Each time, we create solutions that seamlessly integrate the machine into the client’s facility and meet all their needs.

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Machines that always get top grades

Our specialists are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of our technology. Every day is about create grading machines that produce the highest throughput, maximum uptime and consistent quality. Gentle product handling is absolutely essential, allowing growers and packers worldwide to maximize the value in every harvest.

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Elifab and Ellips are made for each other

Elifab sorting machinery is specially designed to run Ellips TrueSort™. For example, Elifab’s unique rotating cups/carriers allow the cameras to quickly create a full surface image using Ellips advanced software. By combing these technologies, you can detect every defect on every piece of fruit or vegetable at the highest speed. All with maximum control and flexibility.

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“We are a lot gentler on the fruit, more labor efficient and we are putting a better quality product in the box."

Howard Hansen | Hansen Orchards | Australia

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"We have doubled our capacity and we are now grading on average up to 4.5 ton per hour."

Jozef Vozar | Dobre Jablka | Slovakia

“The key points for choosing the Elifab Cherry Class was the simplicity of machine handling and the fact that is backed up with the Ellips Grading Technology”

Lee Port | Mansfields | United Kingdom

"Outstanding grading results, yields increased considerably and unmatched flexibility."

Nicolas Díaz Barros | Agrícola Trucao | Chili

“Elifab was a gamechanger for us. We are reducing a lot of costs and we can pack big volumes.”

Richard Arancibia | Dr. B's | USA

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"The biggest advantage is how gently the blueberries are handled."

Willie Calitz | Vierfontein | South-Africa


Growing stronger together

We really value the close relationships we’ve made with customers. Every single day, we invest in them, leading to partnerships that last for decades. It’s our strong belief that we’re stronger together. Using the collective knowledge gathered through these partnerships, we’re able to constantly take grading to the next level.


Whatever your challenge, we’ll sort it out

We’re here for you, in every way you need us to be. Our customer service team will train you and your team to maximise the capabilities of your machine and its software. Technical support are only one phone call away. Plus a local team is always nearby for repairs and operational services across mechanical, electrical or software.

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