Deep Learning True-AI 

Next generation grading driven by the power of AI 

Detect challenging defects     Time savings and simplicity     Enhance operators skill


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This is how you can maximize your grading results with True-AI

Artificial Intelligence Fruit and Vegetable grading technology Ellips True-AI

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True-AI, accurately detects
even the most challenging defects.

With so many different ways for defects to appear across every piece of fruit and vegetable, it’s only through True-AI that we can accurately model all these combinations. Advanced grading software that gives your company the edge.

Self-learning AI  

Grading technology that gets smarter every day

True-AI is an advanced self-learning system that constantly gets smarter with new data measurements taken from different seasons and conditions by operators worldwide. Such collective strength advances the software for the benefit of all.

Simplified grading 

Making your operator’s job easier

With True-AI all the grading parameter tasks are automated, saving your operator a lot of time. Everything is ready to go straight out of the box so the algorithms can be applied without any need for modifications. Added to this, all the grading settings are very user-friendly, so when adjustments are needed, it’s all incredibly efficient.

Highly efficient 

Enhancing your operators skill

True-AI works with your operator to maximise reliability and efficiency. By combining True-AI’s advanced software with their market understanding and product knowledge, you have a team that accurately grade produce at amazing speed.

“AI grading for cherries impresses Allegria Foods with sensational precision. True-AI played a fundamental role in ensuring the quality of exported cherries.”

Javier Contesse | Allegria Foods | Chile

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"The True-AI technology is truly ground-breaking.  From day one, the improvements like productivity and quality consistency were immediate and visually apparent."

Ray Keller | Apple King | USA

Discover Customer Story

“The upgrade to True-AI has been a huge step forward. With True-AI, we have been able to greatly reduce post-control”

Benny Murre | TOP the onion group | Netherlands

"We are now able to detect even the most challenging defects, such as stem bowl cracks, at a very high level of accuracy with minimal false positives."

Kyle Mills | Apple King | USA

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