Our vision

We’re here for you. Growers and packers with an eye on the future.

We’re here for you.

The growers and packers with an eye on the future.

Those who want to see the unseen across every aspect of the grading process and maximize your return on a season’s hard work.

Those who are open to continuous improvement through collective intelligence.

We’re for you, to ensure that no matter how many millions you grow, every single fruit or vegetable is accurately graded at exceptional speed, with minimal waste.

Batch after batch.

Year after year.

This vastly reduces your costs, labor needs and grading hours.

Leading to greatly increased control, flexibility, ROI and customer satisfaction.

At our heart is cutting-edge Ellips technology and Elisam and Elifab machinery that were literally made for each other. Their seamless integration results in endless adaptability so you can meet your customers’ ever-changing needs with ease.

Our service is just as important to us as our technology. A trusted partnership of teamwork and know-how. Talented professionals you can rely on 24-7 to deliver the advice and service you need to keep your business moving. Now and in the future.

So rest assured – however much you grow, our advanced technology, machines and service will adapt and grow with you.