By focusing on technology, Ellips is able to offer a product that is much more accurate than that of the competition. | Erwin Bakker - President

Grade yellow, white and red onions effectively on factors like internal rot, early stage sprouting, balding and more.

Grading cherries on factors like decay, cracks and softness

We provide software under the name TrueSort. The software runs on any sorting machine, of any brand. Allowing you to grade fruit and vegetables more accurately than ever before.

  1. Grade fruit and vegetables better, faster and more accurately!
  1. Get the best out of your sorting machine!
  1. Save time and money in the sorting process!

Are you interested in finding out if we can grade your crop?


Ellips and Elisam help us to design, build and install an innovative packaging line that confirms us as leader of onion packaging in Canada.


Marc-André Van WindenGroupe Vegco Inc.Canada
Optical sorting gives us a great competitive advantagepotato-II-testimonial
Alexander ZoggMüller AzmoosSwitserland
We have a partnership for more than 15 years. Very proud of Ellips. The service is Super! lemon-testimonial
Ariel ZenzerovichIngeniería Prodol S.A.Argentina
Paul Cruijsen chooses Ellips sorting software for grading apples
With TrueSort, we can accurately determine the external quality of an appleGrade apples with Ellips optical sorting software
Paul CruijsenCruijsen Fruit B.V.NL
Kees Gabriels chooses Ellips grading software to grade potatoes
Our sorting machine also grades unwashed potatoes thanks to Ellips’ software. This is uniqueKees Gabriels chooses Miedema and Ellips software to grade potatoes
Kees GabriëlsVOF Gabriëls VeraartNL
Ray Keller and Apple King choose Ellips sorting software for grading apples
We got more than we expected: great grading results and a 30% increase in productionapple-testimonial
Ray KellerApple KingWashington State | US
Rene Wellner chooses Ellips sorting software
We can better handle a large capacity of apples, thanks to Ellips’ softwareRene-Wellner-chooses-Ellips-grading-software
René WellnerRoel Wellner Fruit B.V.NL
Ellips changed the way we pack our onions.
Troy BlandBland FarmsGeorgia USA
Math Leijser chooses Ellips grading software to grade asparagus
Thanks to Ellips, we can better handle a large capacity of asparagusasparagus-testimonial
Math LeijserGebroeders Leijser B.V.NL
GP Graders’ AirJet® graders are powered with Ellips camera technology making them the most accurate and user friendly small produce graders in the world today.  GP Graders have partnered with Ellips for 18 years and together have revolutionised the cherry grading industry. cherry-testimonial
Stuart PayneGP GradersAustralia



At Ellips, we have a passion for optic technology. Our goal is to develop a new generation of software for sorting machines that is more user-friendly, and more accurate than ever before.

We have an enthusiastic team of highly educated employees that turns our common goal into reality. It makes me proud to say that by taking advantage of our company’s 25 years of experience, you can gain an edge over your competition!

Best regards,

Erwin Bakker
Managing Director


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