Premiere for potato growers/packers:
3 companies start with optical sorting of potatoes

Three large potato packers step into the future of potato sorting with an optical sorting system from Ellips – Elisam. 2 Systems go to Germany, 2 to Australia and 1 to America. The first installation has already arrived in Australia and in Germany the first sorting line is currently being installed. In the US, an 8-lane sorter will be installed shortly.

These five companies take a big step towards the future for the sector. For the first time, potatoes are sorted optically on a large scale. So not only on size and external appearance, but also on internal quality. Driven by the current labour shortage, higher quality requirements from the supermarket channel or the need for more capacity, they took this step. Each one has a different starting point, but all have the same goal: getting more return from the same batch of potatoes.

Wilhelm Weyers, Germany


This third generation family business processes and packs potatoes and onions. Wilhelm Weyers receives mostly locally harvested potatoes, organic potatoes and onions in its processing halls (15,000m2). Under the motto ‘Only the best quality leaves our house’, the products are mostly sorted and packaged for consumers.

An 8-lane sorting line will sort the potatoes with a capacity of 20 tons per hour. The new Ellips – Elisam grader forms the heart of the complete processing and packaging line. The sorting system will not only contribute to the pursuit of absolute consistency in quality, but will certainly also solve the shortage of labor.

Zerella, Australia


For Zerrella, a 2 x 6 lane sorting line will be installed, sorting potatoes by internal and external quality. The new installation has a sorting capacity of 50 tons(!) of potatoes per hour. The sorting line has been shipped to the south of Australia and will be installed there. We will keep you informed.

Hughes Farms, USA


Hughes Farms located in Mount Vernon, WA (the Skagit Valley area). They will be installing an 8 lane Elisam grader to grade, sort and pack varietal potatoes (i.e., reds, yellows, whites and purples). They will be replacing 2 separate manual grading lines (one for yellows/whites & one for reds/purples) with our solution. Primary reasons for purchasing our technology was to reduce labor, increase capacity (i.e., tons/hr) and improve the quality/consistency of the packed product for their customers. More to come later.