Hughes Farms: Effective grading of different potato shapes and sizes

February, 23, 2022

Hughes Farms from Mount Vernon (Washington / USA) invested last year in a new optical potato grading machine: the Elisam GranTorino.

Watch the video below and learn more about the experiences with the new system.

Potatoes come in different variations in size and shape. This is one of the biggest challenges in effective potato sorting. This is indicated by John Albert, general manager, Ellips USA. For example, red potatoes are round, while yellow and white potatoes are oblong.
The unique roller system of the Elisam Grantorino ensures that all potatoes (regardless of size and shape) can be sorted at high capacity. The rollers ensure that each potato is rotated 360° under the Ellips TrueSort optical sorting technology. This gives Hughes Farms a better view of the potatoes as a whole.

Elisam’s capacity is huge: the system can sort more than 4500kg (10,000 lbs) of potatoes per hour per lane. That’s 2 to 4 times higher than other sorting machines in the market. The Elisam potato grader is configurable based on the number of lanes and exits required. So, with only two lanes you’ll reach a capacity of 9000kg (20,000 lbs) per hour while a configuration including eight lanes would enable you to achieve a capacity of 36.000kg (80.000 lbs) of potatoes per hour.

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