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We are proud to offer our partners a suite of services to assist throughout the season to ensure you get superior performance from your Elifab systems and in turn, to maximize your efficiency of your packhouse.We also have local service technicians on the ground, so if you run into trouble, we are able to help you to solve the problem.

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Pre Season Maintenance (before the season begins)

With the berry, cherry and cherry tomato season approaching, it’s time to get your grading machine in perfect working condition for the season. To help you prepare for the berry, cherry and tomato season, Elifab is pleased to offer a Pre Season Maintenance Service. Our highly skillful technicians will carry out the Pre Season Maintenance to ensure all hardware, electronics and software is checked and up to date, so you get the best out every batch. We ensure you that our Pre Season Maintenance Service, is an insurance policy you cannot afford to be without.

What’s included?
Our mechanical and technical engineers will carry out a comprehensive and a detailed service of your grading system and, including system start-up, fault checking, calibration, TrueSort™ software updates and part replacements. It is critical for your grading and sorting machine to be ready for a successful season.


Operator Training with TrueSort Academy

An intensive training course for system users will be held at our training facilities prior to the season. Operators will be trained on program set up, fault diagnosis and all the features TrueSort™ software provides. All graduates will receive an accreditation certificate. Being an expert in the sorting machine and the TrueSort™ software will ensure you get superior performance from your Elifab systems and conducting first-class risk management.


Throughout the season

To get the best performance from your grading machine, Elifab is able to provide you with highly skilled operators throughout the season. All operators are experienced and highly capable in operating your machine. Our team of operators have all undertaken extensive training and have an in-depth knowledge of the TrueSort™ software and can detect any faults and repairs to ensure you have minimal to no downtime throughout the season.


Service and Support

Web Assistance

All partners operating a grading machine will be connected to our 24/7 support desk, who are committed to ensure that your packhouse runs at full performance at all times. Our support staff will monitor the performance of your grading machine and notify you when needed.


On-Call services

Our service and support center is driven by skilled and knowledgeable service people and based on best effort, our 24/7 helpdesk is always available. If our service engineers are unable to diagnose and fix the problem remotely, a local team is only one phone call away.


Full kit of spare parts

No need to worry, our service and support centers have a full range of spare parts. All parts are available for pick up or delivery. Also our service vehicles are stocked with a limited range of critical components available for purchase. We can ensure you your grading system and sorting machinery stays operational.


Post Season

Our engineers will retire your grading and sorting machine at the end of the season. This includes system disconnections, singulator belt removal and protecting sensitive electronics. After a comprehensive evaluation of the machine, our engineers will report if any repairs, maintenance or other issues have to be undertaken for the following season.

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