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Cherry Grading

Technological advancements (i.e., HD cameras, LED lighting, increased processing speed, etc.) have enabled a dramatic improvement in cherry grading technology over the past 10 years. This applies especially to the external defect capabilities.
Ellips has been at the forefront of this development with its TrueSort grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities relating to all aspects of cherry grading.


Weight can be calculated from camera pictures of every single cherry by an adjustable specific weight parameter. This weight enables the operator of the machine to monitor an average product weight and capacity per hour in the dashboard that is build-in in the Ellips TrueSort software.


The size module measures properties of the cherry, for which the contour and stalk of the product is used. The measurements are made more reliable when the product is viewed from various angles, to achieve this, the cherry is rotated under the camera and multiple images are taken of the same product. This enables us to measure the diameter, and surface area. Defects in shape can also be detected such as spurs and doubles. It will also be detected when two cherries are positioned in one roller. At a speed of 35 cups per second 10 images are made of each product for accurate sizing. In the Ellips TrueSort Software Imperial units or Metric Units can be selected for Weight and Size classes.


Ultrafine color separations are obtained through TrueSort’s intuitive software that enables operators to quickly create or modify color profiles. Clear red, dark red and almost black products can easily be graded in multiple color classes. The color module can also be used – based on live feedback from the cameras – to determine the color on which you want to grade the fruit (for example, the percentage of blush on Rainier Cherries).


With unmatched size and color sorting capabilities, Ellips True Sort system has set a standard for cherry packers that translates to consistently high quality for their customers and significantly improved returns for their growers. When it comes to defect sorting, Ellips leads the industry with its ability to identify all forms of defects including decay, blemishes, spurs, doubles, cracks and softness.

Ellips’ own full HD+ (1920×1280) spectral cameras enable our solution to grade cherries using the highest quality images taken with different wavelengths of light. This solution also eliminates the parallax mistakes seen on systems where multiple cameras are used enabling the TrueSort software to have a pixel perfect matching of the images. We are continually improving our solution and we introduced a feature that will utilize a separate camera to detect nose rot.


Our system will provide great opportunities to improve overall operating efficiencies while achieving significant ROI. This payback can be achieved within 3 to 4 years through operational efficiency and reductions in food waste and labour costs. Most customers have earned their investment back in less than 15 months!

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Want to improve grading results? Looking for an improved way to grade your crop? Enhance this possibility with Ellips TrueSort accurate grading software. Ellips provides superior results for more than 3000 professional graders worldwide.

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