Cherry grading: make every cherry count and leave nothing to waste.

Grading technology and sorting machinery that will optimize your packhouse performance

Why choose TrueSort™ for cherry grading?

TrueSort™ software is fast and accurate and enables you to sort at a speed of 36 cherries per second per lane. While yielding high productivity and accuracy, it will allow you to open new markets and get premium prices for your product. Our technology is designed to reduce packing costs and making your packhouse more efficient. Choose Ellips, and we will revolutionize your business.

Flexible Solutions
Our vision system is designed to operate on almost any manufacturer’s sorting equipment. This enables you to select the appropriate grading machine or to retrofit your existing sizer.

  • Perfect colour & size accuracy
  • Accurate defect detection
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Significant capacity improvement
  • Increased process efficiency

Download the brochure: this is how you achieve next level cherry grading

  • You gain insights which defects can be graded
  • You will learn about the possibilities of Ellips optical grading software
  • You better understand the capabilities of the Elifab Cherry Class – cherry sorting machine
Cherry grading Brochure

    Cherry grading technology


    Cherry Quality Grading

    External quality

    Ellips leads the industry with its ability to detect both internal and external defects of cherries. The Ellips TrueSort™ Quality system accurately detects the most common defects such as splits, bruising, rot, pitting, blemishes, spurs, scarring, doubles, and stem- and nose cracks. Also, you can recognize various forms of damage (fe. bird, insect, heat), identify whether the stem is missing, and determine the degree of maturity (from immature to overmature). Lastly, the software allows you to separate cherries into different classes based on softness. This is how you will get your cherries sorted for premium, local and export demands. The ultimate result is cherries that look good, taste good and can travel.

    Colour separation

    The color of the cherry is highly represenative of the quality and ripeness of the fruit. The Elifab CherryClass achieves perfect color separation by using live feedback from the high-resolution cameras. With the TrueSort software, you can grade multiple color classes and make sure that there are no yellow and orange cherries within the required red, dark red, and black cherries.

    Cherry colour grading

    “100% surface inspection for unmatched results in selecting and classifying cherries“

    Cherry Sorting by size

    Size separation

    From small cherries to larger cherries, the TrueSort™ software takes multiple diameter measurements to determine the size of every kind of cherry. The cherry rotates under the camera, so you are able to measure the entire surface. Specialized algorithms determine the shape of the product. Through size measurements, defects such as misshapes, pairs, and spurs are identified.

    Volumetric weight

    Accurate weighing is possible, even at high speed. The weight of each cherry is calculated volumetrically via images from high tech cameras. The TrueSort™ software monitors the average product weight and capacity per hour.

    Cherry sorting by weight

    Are you ready for next level grading?

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