Apple grading: make every apple count and leave nothing to waste

Grading technology and sorting machinery that will optimize your packhouse performance

Why choose TrueSort™ for apple grading?

TrueSort™ software is fast and accurate and enables you to sort apples at a speed of 12 units per second per lane. While yielding high productivity and accuracy, it will allow you to open new markets and get premium prices for your product. Our technology is designed to reduce packing costs and making your packhouse more efficient. Choose Ellips, and we will revolutionize your business.

Flexible Solutions
Our vision system is designed to operate on virtually any manufacturer’s sorting equipment. This enables you to select the appropriate grading machine or to retrofit your existing sizer.

  • Perfect colour & size accuracy
  • Accurate defect detection
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Significant capacity improvement
  • Increased process efficiency

Download the brochure: this is how you achieve next level apple grading

  • You gain insights which defects can be graded
  • You will learn about the possibilities of Ellips optical grading software
  • You better understand the capabilities of the Elisam GranTorino Apple Grader
Apple grading Brochure

    Apple grading technology


    Apple Grading - Internal Quality

    Internal quality

    The Ellips TrueSort™ Internal Quality system can see completely through the apple (instead of just underneath the skin) and accurately detect internal defects on apples, like internal browning, water core, internal bruising, bleeding and other internal defects.By virtually ‘slicing apples’ into pieces, you can examine the internal quality and recognize these defects at lightning speed.

    External quality

    One of the biggest challenges in grading apples at higher volumes is that each apple comes in a different size and shape. The Elisam GranTorino handles each variation perfectly. With it’s unique rotating carrier you get a 360° view of each apple, allowing you to analyze the entire surface. TrueSort™ accurately recognizes the apples’ characteristics and successfully detects the most prevalent external defects such as sunburn, punctures, russet, shrivel, bruises, and damage from birds, insects or frost.


    Apple Grading External Quality

    Apple AI Grading Technology - Apple Deep Learning Grading

    Deep Learning

    Ellips developed a deep learning toolbox called TrueAI. This toolbox is going to help you with near-perfect grading accuracy and detecting complex defects such as stem bowl cracks. The new software has been trained using large amounts of data combined with the expertise of quality control personnel. You want the best of both worlds:
    1.  An operator who has knowledge of apple quality characteristics.
    2. This new grading technology to meet your customer’s unique demands.

    Colour separation

    The market demands certain perfection in color, and you want to be able to estimate shelf life based on color. Based on live feedback from the cameras we can determine the color of the apple in order to grade the product. Ultrafine color separations are obtained through the TrueSort™ software that enables operators to quickly create or modify color profiles.

    Apple Colour Grading and Sorting

    Apple Size Grading and Sorting

    Size separation

    Apples come in many different shapes and sizes, round but also oval-shaped. To measure the entire surface, the apple is rotated under the camera and 10 images are taken of each product. This permits you to calculate the diameter, length, and surface area. Shape related defects or doubles (2 apples in 1 cup) can also be detected.


    Accurate weighing is possible, even at high speed. The weight of each apple is calculated volumetrically via images from high tech cameras. The TrueSort™ software monitors the average product weight and capacity per hour.

    Apple Weight Grading and Sorting

    Are you ready for next level grading?

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