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A day at Ellips as software engineer

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Work together on the most advanced sorting software with lots of variety and unique challenges

  •  If you like working on innovative, complex and accurate algorithms, become a Computer Vision and Deep Learning Engineer at Ellips. You will be working on the entire process in a welcoming environment.
  • You will step into the middle of a transformation. We are going to expand our conventional vision algorithms with advanced Deep Learning & AI algorithms. These solutions are globally distinctive and are going to make an immediate difference for our customers.
  • Your perspective counts, whether you work here 3 months or 30 years

“It is rewarding to create solutions that have immediate global applicability. Fully working and making a difference for various customer conditions.”

Lian | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

“What really appeals to me is the continuous innovation and new features we create for our customers. What we develop at Ellips is applied immediately and instantly improves the customer’s entire process.”

Martin | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

”It is really exciting to integrate a multi-disciplinary system with multiple hardware and software elements. Constant testing and searching for the best solution for specific situations makes it challenging and fascinating.”

Levi | Ellips HQ | Netherlands

How do you make an impact as a vision engineer?

This is how you are going to help Ellips and customers

You will work together as a team on the world’s most advanced optical grading technology and AI software that helps fruit and vegetable growers and packers worldwide with fast and accurate grading. We are using high-tech cameras to capture each fruit or vegetable with up to 90 images. We can see tiny details that no one else can see. With light transmission technology, we can even see through the product. This enables us to assess the inside, the internal quality of the fruit.

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What are you going to do?

From day 1, you will be working in an open, informal and innovative environment where fresh perspectives are always welcome. You will continuously face new challenges and no day will be the same.

Work activities as a Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer:

  • You will work on algorithms that quickly and accurately determine fruit properties such as colour, weight, size, shelf-life, sweetness, external and internal quality, among others.
  • You will develop algorithms that can process and classify information at lightning speed. This enables growers and packers to process as much produce as fast as possible.
  • You will step into the middle of a transformation where we are going to extend our conventional vision algorithms (aka traditional image processing) with advanced deep learning algorithms. We choose the method that produces the best results.


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What will you learn?

At Ellips we are constantly innovating to bring the next level of grading technology to our clients. Even faster and even more accurate. We push boundaries. That means there is room for new insights and flexibility in work activities. You will work on multiple projects, in close collaboration with other teams. You will continuously develop yourself. You will be challenged and no day will be the same.

Together as a whole we have extensive knowledge of:

  • IT, software and databases
  • Optics: cameras, lighting and filters
  • Vision algorithms: defect detection, grading software and optimisation of grading accuracy
  • Mechanics, Electronics and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Fruit and vegetable produce knowledge: seasonality/varieties/shapes and sizes, etc.
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Who are you?

We want to get to know Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineers who, like us, appreciate openness and respecting one another. The person we are looking for is proactive, strives for the best possible results and is hungry for innovation, variety and challenges. We believe that every addition to our team brings new talents and insights. Together we will achieve a better result.

What else is important?

  • Completed relevant university-level education;
  • Programming experience in Lua and/or Python;
  • At least three years of experience with computer vision and deep learning technology;
  • Likes to move quickly and wants to take the overall process into consideration;
  • You prefer to work within an open-minded corporate culture and have a passion for your profession;
  • Critical perspective and strong analytical skills;
  • Oral and written English language skills;
  • Experience with OpenCV, Datascience or Machine Learning is a plus;
  • Recent programming experience in C++ is a plus;

    However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Should you meet some of the criteria and be motivated, please apply as well.

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Who are we?

Ellips is a dynamic and innovative developer of fast and accurate grading technology. We help growers and packers worldwide with the goal of finding the right destination for every piece of produce, maximizing food value and minimizing food waste. With global population growth and the impact of climate change on harvests, food supply is an important issue. Here you can make relevant contributions to the future availability of food worldwide. At Ellips you will join a warmly engaged family business where we work closely together, are accessible and respect each other’s perspective. We are growing fast and the product roadmap is full of innovative developments in the coming years. In Eindhoven you will work together with 50 colleagues on the next generation solutions that will deliver the best results worldwide.


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Convinced? You’ll get…

  • Excellent salary.
  • Personal end-of-year bonus.
  • 26 annual days off and the option of additional days off.
  • A challenging position with technical depth, freedom and room for personal initiatives.
  • An attractive pension scheme.
  • We offer courses and certifications opportunities for our employees, for constant learning and career growth perspective.
  • We offer a flexible work culture which takes your personal life into account. Within your team you coordinate your working hours with other team members and alternate between remote and on-site work.
  • Development opportunities within a fast-growing technology company. A company that keeps growing year after year.
  • We also enjoy fun activities with colleagues such as team-building activities and informal Friday afternoon drinks.
  • And of course, you get free fruit, reviewed and sorted to ensure high quality indirectly by and ultimately for our engineers.
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Interested? Apply now

Do you have any questions? We are always in the mood for a good conversation.

After receiving your application, our colleague Nina (HR Manager) will contact you as soon as possible. We like to act fast!

What are the three quick steps?

  1. First interview with Nina and Management to get your needs and wishes clear.
  2. Follow-up interview with Computer Vision engineer where you discover all about the position and see how our teams work together.
  3. Assessment to sense if there is a match.

Are we both enthusiastic?

Then we will make you a great offer and Nina will guide you through the on-boarding process.


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