Your partner for optical onion sorting

Ellips and its subsidiary Elisam acquired all sales activities of JDC and are now the point of contact for optical sorting systems in the onion sector. Our experts with technological knowledge will advise you directly and get the best possible result from the system.

Every onion counts!

Today, 20 grading lines prove their value in onion grading and packing companies every day. At a capacity of 10 onions per second, the system classifies each onion with more than 20 different measurements. The onions are then sorted according to pre-set values. This way we ensure that every onion counts. The technology provides unrivalled results with an average payback time of 3 years through:

– Lower labour costs
– Higher capacity
– Consistent quality

Worldwide quality

Ellips has service and sales points in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. In the US, Ellips USA is represented both in the East and in the West. In many other countries, including South America and Australia, Ellips-Elisam works with local representatives.

We can offer next level onion grading even better now and tailor it to your organization and according to your specific requirements. Be convinced of the advantages and view all practical examples of our optical sorting systems on or mail [email protected] for information

No time to waste.
Start next level grading today!



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