Ellips Group trailer

Ellips Group at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018

Ellips Netherlands

25 years of Ellips Next Level Grading

Ellips USA

Support & technical expertise in North America

Fruit and Vegetables Go to channel

Apple King

Elisam - Ellips apple grading line installed at Apple King in 2014

Prodol (English)

Working together with Prodol Argentina on grading machinery

Prodol (Spanish)

Spanish version Prodol Argentina

GP Graders

GP Graders uses Ellips True Sort for cherrie grading

Bland Farms

Elisam - Ellips Onion Grading line installed in 2017

Bet Haarava

Elisam - Ellips dates grading


Ellips and Whooshh work together on identifying fish species

Elifab Blueberry sorter

Elifab advanced blueberry grading, Ellips powered

Top Onions

JDC Ellips Elisam optical grading line

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