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Onion Grading

Onion grading technology has enabled a dramatic reduction of labour costs over the past 4 years. This specifically applies to external and internal defect capabilities. Ellips has been at the forefront of this development with its TrueSort grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities as it relates to all aspects of onion grading.

Since we use this system, we are able to improve our packing results. We sort out onions that have internal defects and save the good ones from going to waste. This could be up to 10% of the crop!

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Weight can be measured from every single onion on a cup system or roller system with a built-in weighing system. Accurate weightings (+/- 1 gram) are possible, even at high speed (up to 10 cups/second). The system automatically corrects the weight by taking into account factors such as temperature differences and dust accumulation throughout the day.


The size module measures properties of the onions and uses the tale and root plate of the product as orientation. Special algorithms take care of the lose skins which can still be sticking to the onion. The measurements have been made more reliable by looking at the product from various angles. The onion is rotated under the camera and multiple images are taken of the same product. In this manner we can measure the diameter, length, and surface area. By rotating the products, 10 images are made of each product. In the Ellips TrueSort Software Imperial units or Metric Units can be selected for Weight and Size classes. Diameters are calculated with an accuracy of 0.1mm.


By using the color module, you can – based on live feedback from the cameras – determine the color on which you want to grade the onion (for example, to detect bald onions).

By rotating the onion under the camera consecutive images are combined to assess one large image of the entire surface of the onion. As an alternative, images from multiple cameras at various angles can be combined in order to view the entire surface. The characteristics of the onion will therefore be calculated based on as much information as possible. Ultrafine color separations are obtained through TrueSort’s intuitive software that enables operators to quickly create or modify color spectra.


The external quality system is able to detect and sort on most common defects including, balding,
sour skin, external rot, black mold, sprouting, misshapen/doubles and mechanical damage.


The internal quality system is capable of detecting internal rot (core, ring & neck) along with certain other internal characteristics including early stage sprouting.

If required, packers are able conduct “quality control” sorting on the onions just prior to packing.
A number of large US onion packers have adopted this approach which has enabled them to significantly reduce manual labor while providing a higher quality product on a consistent basis.

Ellips True Sort electronics provides the above capabilities for yellow, red and white onions. Importantly, the True Sort system has been developed as a “user friendly” system that delivers the flexibility and power necessary to quickly modify grading programs to address specific issues or customer requirements. In other words, the True Sort system does not need to be trained to recognize new defects (by running hundreds/thousands of onions under the system) nor does it require high level technicians to achieve desired results.


Our system will provide great opportunities to improve overall operating efficiencies while achieving significant ROI. This payback can be achieved within 3 to 4 years through operational efficiency and reductions in food waste and labour costs. Most customers have earned their investment back in less than 15 months!

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Want to improve grading results? Looking for an improved way to grade your crop? Enhance this possibility with Ellips TrueSort accurate grading software. Ellips provides superior results for more than 3000 professional graders worldwide.


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