Improve your Asparagus grading results with Ellips' TrueSort

Asparagus Grading

Labor costs have enabled a dramatic improvement in asparagus grading technology over the past 10 years. This is especially true when it relates to external defect capabilities. Ellips has been at the forefront of this development with its TrueSort grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities as it relates to all aspects of asparagus grading.


Weight can be measured from every single asparagus on a cup system or roller system with built-in weighing system. Accurate weightings (+/- 1 gram) are possible, even at high speed (up to 10 cups/second). The system automatically corrects the weight by taking into account factors such as temperature differences and dirt accumulation throughout the day.


The size module measures length, diameter and curvature of the asparagus. Special algorithms take care of the flowering and skin irregularities or dirt that can be sticking to the asparagus. The measurements are made more reliable when the product is looked at from various angles. The asparagus can be rotated under the camera and multiple images can be taken of the same product. In that way, the measurements are more accurate. While rotating products, 5 images are made of each product. In the Ellips TrueSort Software Imperial units or Metric Units can be selected for Weight and Size classes. Diameters and lengths are calculated with an accuracy of 0.1mm.


The color of the asparagus is highly representative of the quality of the asparagus. The asparagus is divided into two parts, the head and the body. Using the color module, you can – based on live feedback from the cameras – determine the colors on which you want to grade. (for example, to detect rust on the body or the pink discoloration on the white asparagus head).
On machines where the asparagus is able to rotate under the camera, consecutive images of the asparagus are combined.
Ultrafine color separations are obtained through TrueSort’s intuitive software that enables operators to quickly create or modify color spectra. There are templates for green and white asparagus, and even purple colored asparagus are graded and evaluated by the Ellips Truesort software.


The external quality system is able to detect and sort misshapen and doubles. But the asparagus “open head measurement” is the special external measurement that is invented by Ellips to have more information on the freshness.
A top quality spear is ‘tight’, once the small triangular bracts start to open, quality is dropping rapidly.
This quality is measured in more detail when an extra camera and laser unit is mounted.
Another option Ellips can provide is a hollow spear measurement unit. This unit uses an extra camera and a special lighting box. Also the asparagus must be rotated while being measured. Asparagus breeders quite often ask for this option to measure this parameter for Research and Development purposes.

Want to improve grading results? Looking for an improved way to grade your crop? Enhance this possibility with Ellips TrueSort accurate grading software. Ellips provides superior results for more than 3000 professional graders worldwide.

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