Vegetable grading

Please find your vegetable crop in the table below. The table shows various crops and the factors on which the TrueSort software can grade.


Weight Size Color External Quality Internal Quality





 External Quality

 Internal Quality

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Business case: Bland Farms

Capacity old situation:
Ample 300 bins per day
20 lanes (3 machines) MAF MAX 50 T/H
Per machine of 8 lanes 50 PPL needed
Finish at 11pm

Capacity new situation:
With the same 50 PPL finish at 5pm

Financial impact:
75 PPL less or 1.5 million / year
6 hours less overtime per day or 750k savings
2% more packing or 1.12 million extra turnover
Savings at least 3.5 million / year

Vegetable grading with TrueSort software | Accurate grading your vegetables

Get more results with the Ellips’ vegetable grading software. Our grading software is used all over the world by more than 3000 graders. TrueSort has a sophisticated and innovative way dealing with your crops. Being able to determine the internal and external quality of vegetables is a leading optic-technology that works both efficient and effective. Be able to create more sustainability throughout the process with the use of with TrueSort accurate grading software. Our vegetable grading software can be used on new- and old equipment, get the best out of your sorting machine. Save time and money in the sorting process.

Are you interested in your vegetables being graded with our software? Do you want to know more about our products’ capabilities? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service with the use of the button below.

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