Technology for internal quality grading: empower your potato sorting process.

January, 13, 2022

Having optical potato sorting equipment makes your potato sorting a lot easier. But what a human was never able to do is look inside your potato and check the internal quality. In this article we’ll explain you how to improve your potato sorting process with technology for internal quality grading. How does this work, and how do you benefit from it?

What do we mean by ‘internal quality’ of potatoes?

When it comes to potato sorting equipment, you can grade your produce based on the external quality. This means by color, size and weight. But the quality of the outside of your potatoes doesn’t guarantee the quality of your produce as a whole. On the outside a potato can meet all the quality standards your customer expects. But maybe the internal quality leaves much to be desired.

Potatoes can be affected on the inside by various diseases or defects. Think about brown discoloration, dry matter, hollow hearts and glazing for example. To guarantee your customers high quality potatoes, it is important to qualify your produce externally and internally.

Improve your potato sorting process

But how do you grade the internal quality of your potatoes? Some external features can give away the quality of the inside of your potato. But a lot of internal defects are only visible when you slice your potato in half. Ofcourse, it’s not possible to cut every potato. And randomly checking potatoes takes a lot of time, ruins a substantial part of your produce and doesn’t even guarantee the internal quality of every single potato. So how can you examine the internal quality of every potato to make sure it meets its quality standards?

The right potato sorting equipment is able to ‘slice potatoes’ virtually into pieces to examine the internal quality. The technology used is way more accurate than humans will ever be and grading can be done at much higher speed. Let us explain you how this works.

Light Transmission Technology: for better accuracy…

The Elisam Grantorino potato sorting machine uses Light Transmission Technology for grading potatoes internally. This technology uses the spectra of transmitted light to measure if potatoes have any internal defects. A high resolution multi spectral camera takes 60 photographs of every potato while it completely rotates underneath the lens. The potato will be examined in colour and through infrared light. The resolution of the camera allows you to measure internal defects with a 0.2 mm accuracy. That’s something the human eye will never be able to do.

…and higher efficiency.

When it comes to efficiency, machinery and software should work seamlessly together for the best result. The robust Elisam Grantorino with our Ellips Grading Software together form the perfect potato sorting equipment. Every potato will be rotated at high speed underneath the camera. In this way the machine and software create a fully 360 degrees visualization of every single potato.

Because every potato is unique in shape and you need to handle your potatoes with care, this process can be difficult. But because of the special rollers of this machine, it is mechanically designed to get a good 360 degrees image of every potato. The rollers of the machine can sort up to 4000 kg of potatoes per hour per track. This gives the Elisam Grantorino a big advantage towards other potato sorting equipment who until now are only able to process 1000 kg per hour.

The Elisam Grantorino is configurable for the number of needed tracks and exits. With only two tracks you’ll reach a capacity of eight tons per hour. And a setup with eight tracks allows you to reach the maximum capacity of processing 32 tons of potatoes per hour. The potatoes are distributed over the desired sorting exits according to preset values for the individual exits. 

What are the benefits?

First, the speed of the machinery and software will significantly improve your capacity. You can grade much more potatoes in just a fraction of the time it will take you with different technologies. Second, the quality of your produce will go up. The technology is so advanced that it can pick up even the smallest internal characteristics and defects. And third, labour costs will be reduced since the machine and software will work for you. So, automating internal quality grading ensures enormous savings on labor costs and the maximum yield is obtained from each batch of potatoes. Therefore, the system will pay for itself within four to five years!

In short, by improving your sorting process with the Light Transmission Technology, you’ll get a big advantage when it comes to supplying your customers and it saves you a lot of money. This means happy customers and a healthy business.

Make every potato count!

Ellips can help you optimize your sorting and grading process with the latest technology. Discover the possibilities of the Elisam Grantorino and Ellips TrueSortTM software potato sorting equipment. If you have any questions about potato sorting equipment or software, please contact us in the form below.