Software Ellips makes sorting machines more intelligent

November, 21, 2014

During the recent PMA Fresh Summit which was held in Anaheim, California, Ellips presented a number of new developments related to its grading and sorting software at the booth of one of its North American partners – Durand-Wayland. The demonstration attracted the attention of many attendees by showing how easily Ellips’ True Sort software could be adapted to sort external and internal defects across a broad range of fruits and vegetables.

The Ellips software can assess the characteristics and quality of many fruits and vegetables including, apples, cherries, oranges, peaches, tomatoes, asparagus, potatoes and onions. At the PMA Fresh Summit, Erwin Bakker (Managing Director of Ellips) announced that Ellips had added two products to their list. At the booth, Bakker demonstrated how effectively Ellips can grade and sort kiwis and pomegranates based on external and internal quality.

Ellips can help a great deal in both the pomegranate and kiwi fruit industry. According to Bakker, “Supermarkets and consumers are placing ever-higher demands on fruit and vegetables. Eventually, the retailer will only accept a load of kiwis or pomegranates if the internal quality has been assessed. Just like supermarkets are increasingly only buying cherries that are sorted with an optical sorter.”

Ellips isn’t sitting still. Fresh produce growers continually ask Ellips whether other products can be assessed with their TrueSort software. Bakker adds, “At Ellips, we are constantly analyzing new commodities and varieties in order to build additional profiles. Additionally, our software and related profiles are built to minimize the effort required by our customers to set up or modify their grading and sorting programs. With other solutions, you would need to analyze hundreds of pieces of fruit in order to obtain sufficient data necessary to establish an effective viable program. To add a new commodity, variety or to address a different defect, you would have to go through that process again! With Ellips TrueSort software, that work is done for you by virtue of how our solution was developed.”


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