Software developer Ellips shows strategic vision

February, 17, 2014

In spite of the difficult economic times, Ellips is able to perform well thanks to a clear vision. “We grow by several dozen percent each year,” Bakker says. “We have been able to achieve this growth because we anticipated the crisis well in advance. We also realized that machine manufacturers would experience difficult times. For that reason we decided to focus increasingly on upgrading existing machines, particularly those of the competitor. Additionally we focused on areas in which we were not yet represented.”

In short, the central focus at Ellips is on identifying and utilizing opportunities. “In 2010 one of our best customers went bankrupt. That was an Italian machine builder. Ellips then set up a new Italian company, Elisam, together with a number of good technicians, and the company developed a new line of sorting and processing machines. In two years’ time, we were able to double our turnover. Taking a step outside of the core business, therefore, can be very interesting. On the other hand, you also need to know when it is the time for focus.”

Precisely by focusing, Ellips is able to offer a product that is much more precise than that of the competition. “Our software assesses the internal and external quality of fruit and vegetables. Even the most minor imperfections are identified. We are able to achieve this with a team of highly qualified personnel that puts a paramount on quality.”

About Ellips

Ellips improves machines using the newest vision technologies. This enables the quality of vegetables and fruit to be assessed more effectively, faster, and more consistently than with the human eye. Selection – based on color, weight, dimensions and quality – has never been so accurate.


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