Software company Ellips sees willingness to invest increase worldwide

April, 28, 2014

Ellips has been able to achieve several tens of percent annual growth, despite the economic situation. As Managing Director Erwin Bakker explains: “When we realized that our customer – the machine builder – was experiencing difficult times, we offered a helping hand. They were unable to sell as many machines, and therefore we chose to also install our software on existing machines and to upgrade the machines in that way.”

Many investments have been delayed, but, according to Deloitte, companies are now beginning to make up for lost time. As indicated in the annual MidMarket Monitor, a study among 133 medium-sized companies, 40 percent of the entrepreneurs wish to once again start investing in capital goods. Ellips is also seeing that the willingness to invest is increasing. “Companies in the Netherlands and abroad are increasingly able to find our products,” Bakker says. “This year we expect to provide 150 systems with our hardware and software worldwide. This prediction for 2014 has been highly accurate until now.”

As also demonstrated by the annual MidMarket Monitor, 60 percent of the entrepreneurs would like to further automate their business processes. That is a favourable development for Ellips, as well. “Mechanical sorting – and certainly manual sorting – has become a thing of the past. Even in emerging nations.” Bakker says. “Supermarkets and consumers are placing increasingly high requirements on their fruit and vegetables. They do not want their bag of onions to look fine on the outside, but rotten on the inside. With optical sorting, you avoid these types of problems. Without a doubt, optical sorting is the future.”


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