Software company Ellips celebrates 25 years in business

April, 9, 2014

Ellips has undergone tremendous growth over the past 25 years. “Ellips started with sorting pears,” says Erwin Bakker, Managing Director of Ellips. “Until that time, pears were mainly sorted by hand. When I saw that, I knew: that can and must be done differently! The first customers soon followed. Currently the Ellips software can be used for sorting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables: from citrus fruit to cherries, and from onions to asparagus…”

With a team of highly qualified personnel, Ellips works every day on high-quality software for machine builders all around the world. In addition Ellips is continually in search of the best camera systems and lighting to further improve the selection process of fruit and vegetables. According to Bakker, it is precisely that combination that has led to the company’s success: “We look for the best hardware so that we can focus entirely on developing sorting software. This focus has enabled us to bring a product to the market that is much more accurate than that of the competition. We deviate as little as possible from the core business (e.g. automatic vignette registration), precisely because we want to retain our advantage with the sorting software.”

Thanks to its focus, Ellips is able to perform well. “We grow by several dozen percent annually, despite the difficult economic climate,” Bakker explains. “We are able to achieve this by looking forward. We realized that machine manufacturers would experience difficult times. For that reason we decided to focus increasingly on upgrading existing machines (including competing machines). In 2011, we also breathed new life into a machine builder. In 2014, Elisam is a healthy, profitable company. We also pay careful attention to what countries are emerging. Gradually we increase our market – and we do so successfully!”

About Ellips

Ellips delivers hardware and software to manufacturers of sorting machines. Thanks to this hardware and software, the quality of vegetables and fruit can be graded more effectively, more rapidly and more consistently than by the human eye alone. Selection – based on color, weight, size, and internal and external quality – has never been so accurate:


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