Whatever your challenge, we’ll sort it out

Always the best service, where and when you want it. Technical Support is always available regarding electrical, mechanical, and software assistance. Instant remote support is only one phone call away, and a local team is always nearby for repair and operational services. Together we ensure that you get the most out of your grading and packing solutions based on experience and best practice settings.



You want your grading and packing process to always run at full speed. Therefore, a fast and smooth installation is a must. We have always met the installation deadlines and stayed within budget on our projects. It is a track record and commitment that we guarantee.


Get your team up and running with our training. With our guidance your operators can grow and get the full potential out of your grading machine. During the training you learn how to adapt the TrueSort software to the defects that may occur during each season. Trained operators have complete control over the sorting process and are ready for every situation.


You always have direct access to highly skilled and knowledgeable support engineers. The technical Support team will help you meet all customer requirements, optimizing throughput and defect detection accuracy. This results in maximum uptime and consistent grading quality. And if something goes wrong? Then we fix the issue ASAP.


The grading machines of Elisam and Elifab are the most robust, and reliable machines in the business. In addition, you will have the lowest maintenance costs possible thanks to a smooth-running machine and durable parts. The maintenance team ensures everything is up and running in the pre-season and we are close by during the season. In addition, the machine gets thoroughly analyzed post-season so that you can take those learnings to the following season.

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