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Date Grading

Technological advancements (i.e., HD cameras, LED lighting, increased processing speed, etc.) have enabled a dramatic improvement in date grading technology over the past 4 years. This is especially true when it relates to LED lighting and loose skin detection capabilities.
Ellips has been at the forefront of this development with its TrueSort grading and sorting solution which provides unmatched capabilities as it relates to all aspects of date grading.


Weight can be measured from every single date on a cup system
Accurate weightings (+/- 0.5 gram) are possible, even at high speed (up to 15 cups/second).
The system automatically corrects the weight by taking into account factors such as temperature differences and stickiness of the carriers throughout the day.
Cleaning every day is an important maintenance job to keep the weight accurate.


The size module measures the oval shaped product and measures diameter, length and surface area. Also doubles (2 dates in one carrier) are detected and dropped in the first exit to be refed into the machine.
In the Ellips TrueSort Software Imperial units or Metric Units can be selected for Weight and Size classes. Diameters are calculated with an accuracy of 0.1mm.


The color of the fruit is highly representative of the quality and ripeness of the fruit. By using the color module, you can – based on live feedback from the cameras – determine the color on which you want to grade the fruit. (for example, to detect very light brown dates).
Ultrafine color separations are obtained through TrueSort’s intuitive software that enables operators to quickly create or modify color spectra.


The external quality system is able to detect and sort on most common defects like loose skin.. Once the defects are identified, TrueSort software sorts the dates into various classes based upon thresholds established for defect severity, count or area.


Our technology gives us the capability to grade dates by the moisture content in order to get the best treatment for the fruit before packing. We can grade and sort on 5 categories of moisture:
– too dry,
– ready to pack,
– 3 levels of wetness.


Our system will provide great opportunities to improve overall operating efficiencies while achieving significant ROI. This payback can be achieved within 3 to 4 years through operational efficiency and reductions in food waste and labour costs. Most customers have earned their investment back in less than 15 months!

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Want to improve grading results? Looking for an improved way to grade your crop? Enhance this possibility with Ellips TrueSort accurate grading software. Ellips provides superior results for more than 3000 professional graders worldwide.

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