HD+ multi spectral camera’s

  We introduce the new Ellips HD+ multi spectral cameras. These are for all the new cherry machines of GP Graders. They will be installed in Chili and Australia before the coming season. The first 100 will be shipped soon.  

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Once more cherry success in Chili

Cooperation with GP Graders has again led to succesfull sales of cherrymachines in Chili. It will be a busy autumn. An Ellips Team will support GP Graders during the cherry season. Every machine will be equipped with HD+ cameras. In addition there will be a first...

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Erwin Bakker visit Apple King | Yakima | WA

Erwin Bakker and John Albert from Ellips USA visit Ray Keller and Mike Saunders from Apple King at Yakima WA. They checked the machine which is operating for a year now. The machine performed well and everyone was satisfied.    

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Primeur | Accurate Grading of Onions

Ellips delivers software to manufacturers of fruit and vegetables sortingmachines. "Thanks to this software, the quality of fruit and vegetables can be graded better, more rapidly and more consistently than by the human eye alone" explains Erwin Bakker. Because of...

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Accurate Grading Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are becoming more and more popular! Bring this healthy superfood to the market in its best quality. This... with the Ellips True Sort System!  

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Fruit Logistica Berlin 2015

It was great to see such a great turnout this year at the 2015 Berlin Fruit Logistica. Thanks for paying us a visit. We hope to see you again next year at the Fruit Logistica Berlin, 3 to 5 February 2016.

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