Italy: Innovative plant for dates by Elisam

  Dates are extremely delicate and they require exceptional and specific care. The Elisam company aims at offering an alternative for the processing of fruit and vegetable. The company has developed a system focused on reliability, delicacy and speed....

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New blueberry sorter as technology gains prominence

  The cost of labor is a common theme for most growers in North America. And that's if you can find the labor to begin with. It's therefore not surprising to see labor-saving initiatives being vigorously researched and implemented wherever possible. The...

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IV International Berry Fruit Conference

Elifab Solutions has joined the IV International Berry Fruit Conference which took place in June, in Huelva. The company exhibited one of its products, Berry Class: the sorter exclusively for blueberry. The conference was a success for Elifab, as they...

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Demonstration at Top Onions

Demonstration great succes The demonstration at Top Onions was visited by 10 Dutch and 3 foreign onion companies. Real situation Visitors could see that the 8 lane Elisam grader was proper filled for 70 to 80% with onions. At Ellips/JDC, we demonstrate the...

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Optically sorting onions with a click of the mouse

Supplying an even higher and more consistent quality of onions, that was the most important reason why TOP Onions chose optical sorting technology from JDC and Ellips/Elisam last year. The Dutch onion processor has now also experienced the labour-saving effect of the...

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