Optical sorting offers Müller Azmoos a major competitive advantage

January, 16, 2015

For Alexander Zogg – manager at Müller Azmoos – the choice of the Smart Grader provided access to a new market: “For the last thirty five years, we sorted potatoes in the field. In that way, we resold crates of unwashed potatoes. Now, we wash the potatoes and sort them afterwards using the Smart Grader. In this way, we can do business directly with the supermarket – a market with attractive margins.”

Müller Azmoos does not sell its washed potatoes only to supermarkets. “About 80% of the potatoes go to the supermarket, 10% go to hotels and restaurants and 10% are second quality potatoes which go to companies that peel the potatoes. For us, it was important to create additional grades between the good potatoes (for the supermarket) and the bad potatoes (for animals). In that way, you can get the optimum price for every potato. We currently have six different exits and thus quality classes.”

For Zogg, optical sorting means more consistent results. “We were able to land a large customer for washed potatoes, because we could sort much more accurately than our competitor. The competitor does not work with an optical sorting system. You miss so much information that way. For example, we can detect click beetle (or wireworms) while our competitor cannot. Thanks to the optical sorter, we are much less dependent on the human behavior and much more efficient. Based on experience with the carrots, we know that – based on 8 tons sorted per hour – this saves us approximately four to six employees.”

There are, however, also major differences among optical sorters, Zogg says. “The Smart Grader is equipped with high resolution color and infrared cameras which enables you to see much more of a potato. The information that we gather from these images – up to forty images of each sorted potato – are extremely important to the grading process. You need a combination of high resolution color and infrared images in order to detect blemishes on the potato. Our results – from size to weight to quality – are very accurate.”


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