Italy: Innovative plant for dates by Elisam

Dates are extremely delicate and they require exceptional and specific care. The Elisam company aims at offering an alternative for the processing of fruit and vegetable. The company has developed a system focused on reliability, delicacy and speed.

Elisam can provide its clients with innovative solutions for the processing of dates – in order to remove the defective fruits.

Daniele Orioli, Elisam sales manager, told FreshPlaza, “We are able to select our dates depending on their size and weight. Additionally, we can separate the moist dates from the drier ones, distinguishing their external qualities, thus ensuring an optimal separation depending on their colour. Separating the moist dates from the dry ones allows the operators to start the campaign in a smoother way”.

It is crucial to pay attention to the colour of the dates, as it indicates shelf-life. They can be either dark brown or light brown, “Therefore, we can deliver dates with a uniform colour”.

Elisam is able to supply complete plants for dates: from product reception to emptying, pre-selection, washing, brushing, in-line feeding, calibration by weight, diameter, volume, colour, loose skin, wet/dry, and spotting the black mould.

Orioli explained, “Dates are usually packaged in baskets of up to 5 kg. Moreover, the product traceability can be checked in real-time by searching the label information on the PC”.

“The most recent installations utilize a totally new and different transportation system. We substituted the traditional system with a patented roller conveyor for dates only, thus allowing their rotation. In doing so, we can examine the product thoroughly”.

“By collecting more than 20 full HD pictures for each date, we can reach a very high level of accuracy while keeping a very high working rhythm. One of our clients is specialised in the packaging of the Bon-Bons, that is the Medjoul date variety – not dried and therefore very delicate: it would be unthinkable to process this in a plant that is not ours”.

Orioli concluded, “Additionally, the manpower cost obviously decreases as there is not the necessity of workers checking the invisible side of the dates”.

Finally, the new machinery allows the processing of different types of dates, such as the very tiny Khalas and Deglet Nour varieties.



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