The Ellips Group and Aris have announced that they have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Aris by Ellips. The acquisition fits in perfectly with Ellips’ strategy to further strengthen its position worldwide in the field of grading technology in the fresh produce industry. In this article, Erwin Bakker, CEO of Ellips, and Rien den Boer, CEO of Aris, answer to key questions surrounding the acquisition.


Question: What motivated Ellips to take a majority stake in Aris?

Answer: Erwin Bakker, CEO of Ellips

“Aris operates in an attractive market segment that offers a strong strategic complement in the field of grading technology and fits perfectly with our ambition to further grow internationally and to strengthen our position. This acquisition offers opportunities for this, on one hand through technological synergy and in addition we can offer a more extensive proposition to our clients. Moreover, the corporate culture of both companies fits together perfectly. “

Question: What motivated Aris to sell the company to Ellips?

Answer: Rien den Boer, CEO of Aris

“It is important for an established company like Aris that continuity is provided in a timely manner. Our former CEO Hans Izeboud, who suddenly passed away in March 2018, was already working with me on this. I myself still feel very involved with Aris and I am committed to further expand our business. I therefore remain CEO and stakeholder in Aris B.V. By joining forces with Ellips we strengthen our technological knowledge and experience.”

Question: How will Aris be integrated into Ellips?

Answer: Erwin Bakker, CEO of Ellips

“Aris and Ellips will remain stand-alone companies within the Ellips Group. Direct benefits are a central administration, HR- and purchasing department. The interaction on technology will take place automatically, certainly after moving to the headquarters of Ellips. Aris can also learn from the steps that Ellips has taken in the organization. For example by improving the development methodology and optimizing business processes.”

Question: What are the benefits of this acquisition for the customers of Ellips and Aris?

Answer: Erwin Bakker, CEO of Ellips

“Aris is more project-oriented and Ellips product-oriented. Aris customers, who need products, can benefit from this, and Aris can realize projects for customers of Ellips that cannot be found in existing products. By combining knowledge in areas such as deep learning and hyperspectral technology, customers are assured of the best technology for their application.”

Answer: Rien den Boer, CEO of Aris

“First and foremost our existing customers are assured of continuity. That is important, because Aris has always offered long term support for their camera systems. By combining knowledge we can offer even more advanced application in the future. For example, grading the internal quality of a wide range of natural products. Furthermore, Ellips has a large international network, which means that our solutions can also be offered in more countries. In addition, Ellips has the ability to develop specific hardware that both companies can use. An example is the MSI4 box in which colour and fluorescence cameras are combined.”

Question:  What does the practical implementation of the acquisition look like?

Answer: Rien den Boer, CEO of Aris

“Halfway through the year, Aris will move to the Ellips headquarters in Eindhoven. Aris will continue to operate as it has done previously. Ellips will look to create collaborative opportunities between the two companies.”

For any additional questions, please contact the following spokespersons:

Ellips Group:
Erwin Bakker, Ellips Group CEO: +31(0)40 24 56 540
Mitchel Bakker, Ellips Group Business Development Manager: +31(0)40-24 56 540

Rien den Boer, Aris CEO: +31(0)40 21 27 466

About Ellips
Ellips delivers grading and sorting solutions to the global fresh produce industry.

About Aris
Aris develops camera systems to grade natural products – plants and vegetables in greenhouse horticulture, as well as meat products.

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