Ellips strengthens its position as a global provider of grading and sorting solutions

August, 13, 2014

Companies around the world are increasingly finding their way to Ellips. “This is due in particular to our focus on grading and sorting software,” says Managing Director Erwin Bakker. “The key differentiator of our solutions is the Ellips software which is uniquely powerful yet easy to use. Our solutions can also be deployed on virtually any sorting machine while most of our competitors deliver systems that are only suitable for the equipment that they manufacture.”

Ellips currently provides hardware and software solutions for approximately 150 systems per year, including in the United States. “With the US demand for our solutions increasing, it is the right time to expand our presence. We have decided to not only do this with regional partners, but to also have our own dedicated presence.”

With its grading and sorting solutions, Ellips focuses on both new and existing sizers. “While the original equipment manufacturer is our main target group (our software and hardware is deployed on their new machines), existing sorting equipment can also be retrofitted with our solutions. Often, an end user does not need a new sizer, but rather, an improved grading and sorting capability. Currently, Ellips works with a number of equipment manufacturers in the US including Elisam, GP Graders and Durand-Wayland. With these partners, we have recently installed, or received orders for, over ten new Ellips systems in the US alone. These orders include a 40 lane cherry grader, three apple graders and two onion graders.”

Companies that choose Ellips can grade and sort fruit and vegetables – from apples to cherries and onions to asparagus – by virtually every detail. “This means our customers can sort their products based on weight, size, color, external quality and internal quality. These capabilities, which go far beyond selection determined by the human eye, enable Ellips users to save time and money in the sorting process while packing exactly what their customers want.”

About Ellips

Ellips delivers software to manufacturers of sorting machines. Thanks to this software, the quality of vegetables and fruit can be graded more effectively, more rapidly and more consistently than by the human eye alone. Selection – based on color, weight, size, and internal and external quality – has never been so accurate: www.ellips.com.


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