Ellips in attendance at “PMA Fresh Summit Convention & Expo”

September, 29, 2014

Ellips – supplier of software for sorting fruit and vegetables – could not miss out on Fresh Summit, says Erwin Bakker (Managing Director Ellips). “The demand for our software is growing in the U.S. We are gaining increasing recognition in this market, due, in large part, to the performance of our technology and our decision to establish a local presence: Ellips USA. For that reason, we see the PMA event as a great opportunity to reach our target group.”

Ellips – leverancier van software voor de sortering van fruit en groente – kan niet ontbreken op Fresh Summit, aldus Erwin Bakker (Managing Director Ellips). “De Amerikaanse vraag naar onze software neemt toe. We krijgen steeds meer bekendheid in deze markt, met name door onze keuze voor een eigen vestiging. We zien de beurs dan ook als een goede kans om in contact te treden met onze doelgroep.”

Machine builders are Ellips’ major target group. “We provide their new sizers with our standard software. But existing sizers can also be equipped with our software (retrofit). For that reason, we are increasingly conducting business with end users. In times such as these, the service life of a sizer can be extended using highly accurate software for grading fruit and vegetables.”

Ellips’ focus on sorting software is fairly unique in this market. “Most of our competitors are machine builders who also deliver sorting software that is only suitable for their own machines,” Bakker says. “Our standard software can be used on any sorting machine, of any brand. Precisely because of our focus on the software, we are able to put out a product that is far more accurate than that of the competition.”

Ellips will present its sorting software at the booth (#1502) of its partner Durand-Wayland.

About Ellips

Ellips delivers software to manufacturers of sorting machines. Thanks to this software, the quality of fruit and vegetables can be graded more effectively, more rapidly and more consistently than by the human eye alone. Selection – based on color, weight, size, and internal and external quality – has never been so accurate: www.ellips.com.


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