Demonstration at Top Onions

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Demonstration great succes

The demonstration at Top Onions was visited by 10 Dutch and 3 foreign onion companies.

Real situation

Visitors could see that the 8 lane Elisam grader was proper filled for 70 to 80% with onions. At Ellips/JDC, we demonstrate the situation as it is in practice, with the available onion batches in that period.

Optical grading

You could see on some onion batches, that we are getting further in to the season. Still the optical grading technique sorts out all the bad quality onions effectively.

See what the system had seen

By cutting onions in half -at the sample outlet- potential users of the system could check the internal defects graded out, or check there different grades, and in a very simple way adjust the machine if necessary on the Truesort software system. This way, we can show how this optical grading line proof it’s value on a every day basis.


Higher efficiency is reached with less manual labor while improving the quality consistency of the onions for end-customers.
Working with a JDC Ellips-Elisam grading line creates a win-win-win situation! Follow the 14 world wide users and keep ahead on your competition!!

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