The software runs on any sorting machine, of any brand. Allowing you to grade fruit and vegetables more accurately than ever before.

Our add-ons can be combined with our core modules weight, size, color, external and internal quality, offering extra functionality.



Using API, Application Programming Interface, you can exchange relevant information with external software. It is possible to request the filling of the cups, so the filling can be optimized. It is also possible to, for example, reset statistics from a distance.





preselection_control_rotten_citrusYou might want to make a manual selection in advance so that no obviously rotten products get into the machine. This will increase your capacity and prevent your machine from getting dirty unnecessarily. To avoid affecting overall registration, the module counts and weighs the numbers and the weight beforehand. With objective registration, you will gain trust from your chain partners: the registration process is complete and you can justify anything. After the Preselection Control, the real sorting process starts.

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